Fetisch Fantasie – Teil 3

“Shame on you, thinking you would have your way with me.”
Yet another spank.
I lay there gasping, and suddenly felt her slide the fingers of her into the still-drenched pussy of mine. My ass was on fire, and the sudden pleasure was too
much. I came instantly. And I came hard.
She did not stop. She spanked me, played with me, spanked me, and
played with me. I was extremely sore, and so aroused.
I experienced her untying my ankles. The wrists of mine next. She rolled me over and
ripped the blindfold off. She knelt above me, looking at me in the dim light.
I looked up at her in wonder. And fear. And longing.
“Make me cum”, she whispered.
As I hit for her, delirious with motivation, I realized I didn’t realize her name….

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